Deemah – Dig It EP – ASR009

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    So Good

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His love affair with the 80’s sounds continues and this EP shows how deep the love goes. Staying in fine form with his own latest experiments in electrofunk, “So Good” provides the massive, fat bass and tireless beats for which Deemah is becoming so well known in abundance. Wickedly simple and expertly crafted, the track shows why Deemah’s fun behind the console is a joy for all. “Higher” takes the tempo down a notch but turns up the ‘stompin’ funk dial’ up to 11, with a creeping, climbing sweep woven in and out of pumping and grinding bass. Synth stabs and forlorn vocals calling “higher” definitely take you where you want to go. “Ladies” drops the tempo a bit further to massive impact, making wobbly bass and squelchy acid points come together to form a sonic tsunami much greater than a simple sum of its individual parts. “Hooked” keeps that filtered electro funk flowing with simple acid squiggles over thick ebullient bass. The vocal sample asserts “I kicked the bottle, I’m hooked on the weed” but the track definitely kicks more than just the bottle The arrangement drives home the point, sliding some of the bass notes to make a new, even more intense vibe and further showing another dimension to the beauty of the composition. “Shitdisturber” drops the tempo again but not to do anything more than make room for a monster track filled with bass and squawking pads. Rich sweeps bring the high end to bounce happily on top of the bassline but not before a drone calls everyone to hit the floor in time for the bomb to drop.