Deemah – Nordic Love EP – ASR012


  • 01

    Bellz and Whistlez

  • 02

    Burning In My Soul

  • 03

    Kold Hug

  • 04

    Loose Cannon

Back to jack, Deemah’s newest offering on Atlantic Standard serves up more of his signature techno-flavoured electrofunk, a sound that’s familiar but still distinctly his own. True to its title “Bellz & Whistlez” creates a soundscape of disparate, reverberant, percussive stabs and tribal calls as foundation to rich, wobbly bass and a determined drum track. Its traffic jam cacophony is rendered sublime as it is brought together rhythmically and carefully raised to fruition. Lowering the tempo but not the intensity, the groove created by “Burning (In My Soul)” is as unassuming as it is certain to create dancefloor mayhem. Thick, bubbly electro bass cushions the different pings and pops that make Deemah’s rhythm tracks so uniquely simple, with all of the individual sounds eventually taking up more melodic functions as the song evolves. Staying on the serious tip, “Kold Hug” slowly extends its arms out and wraps them firmly around the listener, only to envelop them in a coat of warm bass. Mournful calls in the higher end morph into squeaks and squelches that simultaneously compliment and are in combat with, the acid formations that are doubled over the bassline as the track comes a cascading climax. Finally, “Loose Cannon” takes a more direct approach, dropping the bassline early for one mood, then slowly elongating the decay of all the other tones as they are brought in to create a profound impact. The expansion and contraction of the sounds in the arrangement breathes a life into this track that refuses to be denied. All of these stunning new tracks make up Deemah’s seventh EP for this burgeoning Atlantic Canadian electronic music label.