Deemah – Workin Late EP – ASR010

  • 01

    Modulated Paranoia

  • 02

    Harder, Baby

  • 03

    Don't Bug Me

  • 04


Still working with the 80’s electro funk sounds that he easily teases out of his synths, Deemah brings us another EP of tech-house, but goes for more modern style, colliding house beats that work and techno arrangements for his vintage patches to bring together his two signature styles for a new flavour all his own. “Modulated Paranoia” brings the dark into the light. It’s a total riff workout, it’s unstoppable force squelching & squawking, sawing & swirling its way over a distinctively old-school driving house beat. “Harder, Baby” uses a thicker bass sound and a slower tempo to deliver Deemah’s special blend. Relentless old school high hats, swedish techno cymbal rides, a massive kick and repeating vocal encouragement direct a river of molten bass right to the dancefloor where it can do the most damage. “Don’t Bug Me” drops tempo slightly, but for a most pronounced effect. Still using a stiff kick, ascending & descending electro riffs compete for space on the sonic stairway, making for a gritty-edged electro stomper. Bleeps and bloops weave in and out, each using it’s turn at the front to unfold the track into yet another shape. “Awesome” is highlighted by exciting edits over Deemah’s tough housebeats as we are repeatedly reminded by vocal stabs just how to accurately describe this track. Once getting its hook into your feet, the driving bassline won’t let go, keeping this funk simple but superlatively effective for dancefloor domination.