Matheson – Deep In The Atlantic EP Vol. 2 – ASR007

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    Down The Street

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    Movin' On

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    Delayed Flight

Further tales of Matheson’s adventures behind the mixing desk are revealed on his latest EP of straight-ahead house sounds, solidifying his unique take on the west coast sound, always true to the fact that it’s made in a studio on the east coast. “Confused” kicks things off with a serious, thick mist that gives way to light bumpy electrofunk acid bass that keeps things hyped and busy. Patient breakdowns create tension and release that bring this track to levels that are both constantly musically evolving and creating interesting contrasts.”Down The Street” takes the term “west coast house” and tweaks it east coast style. Thick dub bass is poured over plaintive vocal licks and cascading bleeps & bloops while a tribal-tinged throb marries the heavy and the mellow vibes together. More on the deep & delicious tip, is the tasty “Movin’ On”. This track gives us faint strains of mournful strings calling out over a driving and direct bassline. Veering off script momentarily to dive deeper into the funk, Matheson brings in the squawk box to bark motivation to the dancefloor to amazing effect. “Delayed Flight” establishes a solid foundation of a steady pulsing beat peppered with bright claves and repeating vocal samples, creating space for the bassline to barge in and assume control. Unapologetically overwhelming, it morphs an otherwise subdued but liquid-shine house track into a serious dancefloor monster.