Matheson – It’s You EP – ASR008

  • 01

    It's You (Original Mix)

  • 02

    It's You (Deemah's Remix)

  • 03

    It's You (Joshua Collins Remix)

  • 04

    It's You (Tony Senghore's Remix)

In this latest release from Atlantic Canada’s premiere house music imprint, Matheson gives us another earnest and emotive track while remix duties once again being performed by some of the industry’s most respected names. ASR label mate, Deemah, brings his signature funk seasoned by Prince-esque synth stabs and ubiquitous, relentless beats.This determined and decidedly fun version takes a different approach to the vocal arrangement, making the ethereal parts contrast against the driving bass and beat, doubled by acid spikes made to bubble then boil over when necessary. Joshua Collins takes us into the big room with a Moroder-style chasing bassline and soft building pads that nestle Kamran Abdi’s vocal in a lush bed of clouds. As his modulation slowly smooths the rough edge of the bassline, the vocal returns for another pass at high altitude before fading into the staccato pulse of big room bass and drums. Tony Senghore expectedly brings his unique editing style to his version. A single backward hit in the rhythm pattern gives the beat a wobbly feel reminescent of dubstep while staying wholly house. A heavy use of Kamran’s vocal bridges bits of ultra-modern controlled sonic chaos with Senghore’s unique take on tech-house and old-school electro. With the original mix, Matheson wraps the vocal in a lush bass drone, mellow chords and twinkling loops. Taking us out to your comfort zone, individual sections are left to stand alone rather than being predictably overlapped or interchanged, this track reveals more of Matheson’s west-coast-via-east-coast style of songcraft.