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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Atlantic Standard Recordings presents

El Funkador & Gilly D – A Cure (featuring Natural Rhythm remix)

Catalog Number: ASR027

Their first single for Atlantic Standard Recordings demonstrates the disco cut-up skills of El Funkador & Gilly D as they chop, dice, and rearrange samples to curate a 70s revival stomper. Winding it up and unrolling it in just the right order, El Funkador & Gilly D serve up the realness with this infectious number. Instantly recognizable and down to business, ‘A Cure’ delivers a stiff shot of medicine right to the vein. Natural Rhythm also turn in their first remix for Atlantic Standard, a delightful disco dub, that cranks up the original version and rides it raw into the sunset. NR’s crisp hats and polite bass throb makes this version a warm and fuzzy mix perfect for turning the room upside down.

Based in Halifax Nova Scotia, Atlantic Standard Recordings is Atlantic Canada’s foremost imprint for house music in all its flavours. A new push in 2018 brings new and old talent together in a house alliance that will unleash an unstoppable force of dance music on the world. ASR’s output is sure to impress the discerning house music fan, from DJ to dancefloor dweller.

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El Funkador & Gilly D – A Cure

  1. A Cure (Original Mix)
  2. A Cure (Natural Rhythm’s Disco Dub)

Catalog Number: ASR027

File under: El Funkador, Gilly D, Natural Rhythm, Dance, Disco House, House

Release date: September 28, 2018